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Effect Cosmetics is an innovative cosmetics line with
rapid, visible and sustainable effect.
Effect Cosmetics is based on a combination of natural and
herbal ingredients from teachings of Ayurveda, plant stem cells and innovative high-tech agents.


The Pre-Post WOW EFFEcT

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Bring your eyes back to life in 5 minutes with our instant eye lifting.


Instant Eye Lifting

This result was achieved after the first treatment with Dr. Juchheim long-term care products after only 30 minutes.

Long-term care products

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Full lips in 10 minutes. This is possible with Dr. Juchheim too!



This is what the result can look like with our Bye Bye Cellulite after 3 hours only.

Bye Bye Cellulite

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Bye Bye Cellulite

Combinations of active ingredients which can improve cellulite quickly and enduring with a 6-step-process. Important steps are step 4 and 5. Here the fat burning and shrinking of the expanded fat cells takes place. After 1 week the initial reddening and feeling of warmth will reduce – a sign that the fat burning is now at full blast.

By shrinking of the fat depots the protrusions and pockets are visibly evened and the appearance of cellulite permanently alleviated

Please note: Before using, clean your skin with our Tonic Water.

Long Lash Effect Serum

This highly active lash serum fulfills your dream of ravinglishly long lashes with volume. The application with the eyeliner pen (no brush) is simple and uncomplicated. With just one stroke the optimum amount can be applied to the lash line. For each lid one single stroke is enough. No burning, no reddings, you normally do not feel anything. Nevertheless, already after a few days the lashes start to grow. 

Instant Lifting Eye Cream

The Instant Lift Eye Cream can provide an immediately visible smooth and shining eye part. Helps reduce wrinkles, eye rings, dark circles and swelling immediately. Absolutely essential if you want an immediate eye lift. The amazing result can last up to 8 hours.

This intense Lip gloss with 3D effect can give your lips immediately visible volume and create expressive dream lips.

The combination of activating ingredients with vegetable extracts and peptides lets appear your lips more voluminous and more sensual. With regular use, the highgrade active ingredients stimulate the regeneration of collagen and hyaluron, which can grant your lips firmness and volume also in the long term.

Volume 4 Lip Gloss

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After 17 years of professional experience as a nurse, I became acquainted with network marketing two years ago and loved it immediately. It has has enriched and positively changed my life. Therefore, I would like to share this experience and opportunity with other people. You can read more about it in the section "Start as a consultant".


I am fully convinced and fascinated by Dr. Juchheim cosmeticsas it shows visible results and great WOW effects immediately. All of that with natural raw materials exclusively.


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Dr. Juchheim's successful business model offers you the opportunity to earn above-average while enjoying free time and to the life in financial freedom that you have always dreamed of! We consultants work on basis of a template that is easy for anyone to learn. We take a picture - apply the corresponding products - let them take effect for a short time - take another picture - big WOW!


With this principle, we amaze the customers with the pre-post WOW effect and charm them with joy about their new self.


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